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This is an Erasmus+ Key Activity 2 Strategic Partnerships Schools Project, selected for support under the first call for proposals for the new Erasmus+ Programme in 2014.The project has achieved its objectives with all of the activities having been carried out as planned. This has enabled the project to address its objectives. Read more.


Developing entrepreneurial leadership teams who:

- Plan; Organise;
- Manage
- Leade & Delagate;
- Analyse;
- Communicate;
- Evaluate;
- Effectively represent & negotiate;
- Utilise individual strengths to the benefit of the team;
- Assess and take risks;
- Connect ideas;
- Mobilise commitment from staff, students and other stakeholders;
- Think laterally for the educational, social and cultural benefit of the school


Reflect on the entrepreneurial attitudes and strengths of school leadership teams:

    - Demonstrating initiative, independence & innovation;
    - Motivation and determination;
    - Risk propensity;
    - Persistence & commitment;
    -Individual and collective self-belief, self-efficacy and self-awareness;
    - Sense of empowerment and confidence;
    - Creativity & imagination;
    - Curiosity;
    - Tolerance of failure.


Building new understanding of the entrepreneurial dimensions of leadership:

    - Recognising opportunities;
    -Seeing the bigger picture;
    - Maximising financial and resource optimisation and mobilisation;
    - Ethical and values-driven entrepreneurship;
    - Processes of innovation & creativity
    - Strategic planning and marketing.




To improve the quality and efficiency of school leadership through improved creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

To identify key successful entrepreneurial competences from the business world, adapt them to school leadership contexts and develop training modules to equip school leadership teams to accelerate the pace of school improvement and lead and manage with greater school autonomy



To audit the systems and leadership development programmes in the partner countries.

To establish an enquiry network to identify best practice and identify gaps in provision in the delivery of four key areas of entrepreneurial competence.

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Entrepreneurial School Leadership Literature review prepared by Newcastle University is now available.

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The Entrepreneurial Leadership for School Leadership Teams (EC4SLT) project is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project. Read Sues article by clicking here.

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This is now available by clicking here

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